Welcome to the first Romanian tourism site meant for people world wide willing to meet the extraordinary country called Maramures.

You have seen high buildings like Liberty Statue and Le Tour Eiffel, but you haven't seen the highest wooden buildings in the world. Then you should visit us!

Have you ever met people laughing and kidding about death? If you haven't, then you must visit Merry Cemetery, the second funeral monument in the world.

You have lived in the most luxurious hotels, but you want to live the real life now! Do you want to stay one night in the middle of the forest, among wild animals, lighting a real fire, feeling the real, virgin nature?

Have you ever fished or hunted? If not, then you must come to Maramures.

Is you job stressful and exhausting? Do you need to relax? Why would you go skiing to Austria or France, whereas Maramures is a magnificant land, cheaper than any other destination?!

Perhaps you are looking for the most wanted spiritual peace. The monasteries from Maramures are the ones that can give it to you.

If you have decided to visit Romania and are interested in finding out more about legal stuff, go here.

Have you decided to come to Maramures? Do you not know where to stay over the night? We have got the answer: hotels, chalets, ..., everything on MMTourism.

Make sure the sound is on! Lots of original images and sound samples from Maramures. MMTourism - the site that lets you meet the real, fascinating Maramures' world.

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