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The entertainment offer in Maramures is very varied and exciting. There are many assets this area can boast. Its variegated scenic landscpaes - ranging from mild meadows nestling fairy-tale hamlets to alpine wilderness - will delight the trekker, the photohunter or simply the outdoor enthusiast. Skiers will be attracted by the resorts in the Rodna or Gutai Mountains. Hunters and anglers will be delighted to discover Maramures' profusion of game and fish. If someone thinks that the offers presented up to here are too boring, then (s)he might want to try some adventure sports. And anyone loving rural simplicity will enjoy the village of Maramures, with ots unmatched wooden architecture, its traditional costume, music and dance, its vivid folk festivals and, last but not least, its open-hearted and hospitable people.


Hickers and mountain trekkers may admire Maramures' varied and scenic landscapes accessible through a network of forestry trails or marked footpaths.

The most rewarding treks are those in the Rodna Massif, whose Mount Pietrosu is the highest of the whole of the Eastern Carpathians (2305 m). Abounding in plant and animals rarities, Rodna Wildlife Reserve has been declared UNESCO Reserve of the Biosphere. One of the great advantage of the Rodnas is that its footpath network is the only one that is satisfactory way marked. The hikers interested in more advantury trips should try other mountains, no less enjoyable, where they should depend on a compas and a good map.

Several scenic lakes and ponds, such as those at Firiza, Mogosa, Nistru, Ferneziu, dot the less high Gutai Mountains (in the 1300 - 1400 m range) that lie to the North of Baia Mare, within easy access. The towns of Baia Mare and Baia Sprie may be good bases for many interesting one-day trips to the peaks of Ignis, Plestioara, Gutai or Creasta Cocosului.

The Tibles Massif (highest peak, Mt Tibles 1839 m) offers many exciting routes eitherfrom the village of Grosii Tiblesului or from the Land of Maramures.

The superb wild Maramures Mountains, whose ridge constitutes Romania's natural border with Ukraine, are thickly wooded and rich in game and fish, but are less trodden because of their lack of basic path waymarking and signposting. So, a real advenure can be found here.

Winter sports. Skiers will enjoy sliding down the ski runs at the mountains resorts of Borsa, Izvoarele or Mogosa.

    Borsa Complex, located at the foot of the Rodna Massif, is an attractive resort throughout the year. Several ski runs cover a 1000 metre-high slope. There are also a few cross ski routes of 4 to 6 km long. Of the two ski jump slopes, each 80 m long, one is Europe's highest natural ski jump. The main ski run is 1920 m long, 497 high and is outfitted with chair lift and ski tow.

    Izvoarele is the resort at 30 km from Baia Mare located at the foot of Mount Ignis on an alpine plateau at 916 m above sea level. A quiet location, plenty of ozone, ski lift and cross ski routes are the resort's main assets.

    One of the most accessible resorts, Mogosa is situated at only 15 km from Baia Mare in a picturesque location, on the bank of the Bodi Lake, under Mount Mogosa (1246 m). The ski run is 2100 m longand is outfitted with ski lift.

The enthusiasts of hunting and fishing will not fail to discover Maramures profusion of game and fish. Hunters may take part in chases after deer, chamois, wild boar and roe deer or shoot hare, black grouse, woodcock and pheasant. The trophies captured can be preserved by the local Forest Authority.

Anglers may choose among fishing in either mountains or plain watercourses as well as in ponds. Carp, pike and zander may be captured against a day fee in the dam lake of Firiza and the ponds of Remetea Chioarului and Doua Veverite - Lapusel. Provided you have a license issued by the local branch of AVPS, you can have great satisfaction in angling chub, broad snout and catfish in the rivers of Tisa, Lapus (in the area of its gorges), Viseu and Somes. According to regulations, the trout may be captured in the vally of Vaser only between the 1st of May and the 15th of September. A few animals that can be hunted in Maramures are here.

Adventure sports. At Mogosa, the height difference of about 400 m, the air currents and the existence of he ski lift provide ideal conditions for hang-gliding and paragliding. Here is a list with paragliding places.

In the rainy season, when the water level is high enough, Lapus Gorges, with its small rapid lining from Razoare to Remecioara, is a strong temptation for practionioners of kayaking and rafting . Similar attempts of rafting were made along the Vaser valley. Here, the presence of the narrow gauge train may help you to carry the equipment.

At the Firiza lake there is a club of sporting canoeing that has arranged a buoyed route.

Near the airport of Tautii Magheraus an air club runs courses of gliding and ski diving.

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